Digital Marketing Freelancers

So you’ve decided to hire a digital marketing freelancer to help grow your business. Great choice. As freelancers ourselves, we know the value we can provide. But there are a few things we wish clients understood to make the relationship as productive as possible. For starters, we’re not miracle workers. Digital marketing takes time and consistency to be effective. We have strategies and best practices we want to implement, so trust us and give the campaigns a chance to gain traction. Also, communication is key. We need to know about your business, customers, and goals to do our job well. Be responsive to our questions and provide the details we request. If we don’t seem to fully grasp your vision right away, it’s because we’re still learning the intricacies of your company and industry. Understand that, give us a chance, and we’ll do everything we can to help your digital marketing thrive.

The Most Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing Freelancers

The biggest myth is that we’re not “real” marketers. Just because we work independently

doesn’t mean we don’t have the skills and experience of an agency pro. Many of us have years of industry experience and stay on top of the latest digital trends.

Another common misconception is that we’re cheaper than an agency. While rates may be lower, don’t expect budget prices. High-quality freelancers provide a premium service, and our fees reflect that.

We can’t handle large projects

Not true. Freelancers frequently work with small businesses and large corporations alike. We have the expertise to handle enterprise-level campaigns. Need an entire marketing team? We can assemble a group of freelancers with complementary skills to get the job done.

Perhaps the biggest falsehood is that we’re not accountable. Reputable freelancers strive to provide outstanding results and care deeply about client satisfaction. We work hard to build our brands and rely heavily on reviews and referrals. Dropping the ball on a project could be disastrous for our business.

While hiring a freelancer is different than working with an agency, don’t assume it’s a compromise. Digital marketing freelancers can be a smart solution, offering high-caliber skills at a lower cost. We’re real marketers passionate about driving real results. Isn’t it time to ditch the myths and see what freelancers can do for your business?

Why Hiring a Freelancer Can Be Better Than an Agency

Digital Marketing Freelancers

Hiring a freelance digital marketer instead of a big agency has some major benefits.

First, freelancers typically charge lower rates. They have less overhead since they don’t have expensive office space and lots of staff to pay. Those savings get passed onto you. Freelancers are also often more flexible in their rates and billing. They can work within your budget.

Freelancers are also more focused on your needs. They only have to worry about your project, not dozens of other clients. You get tailored solutions and their full attention. They can gain a deeper understanding of your business and marketing objectives.

With a freelancer, you also get direct access to the person doing the work. There’s no account team or project managers to go through. You can communicate directly with the freelancer, build a relationship, and provide feedback. That close collaboration leads to better results.

Freelancers are also typically specialized in the services they offer. They stay on the cutting edge of trends in social media, content creation, email marketing, and more. Their expertise can give your campaigns an edge.

While agencies have their place, don’t overlook the benefits of working with a freelance digital marketer. For many businesses, they’re a perfect solution. Lower costs, better focus, closer relationships, and specialized skills—what’s not to love? When you find the right freelancer, it can be the start of a beautiful partnership.

Tips for Working Effectively With Digital Marketing Freelancers

Digital Marketing Freelancers

Working with freelance digital marketers requires clear communication and reasonable expectations. Here are some tips to ensure an effective working relationship:

Be specific about your goals

Tell the freelancer exactly what outcomes you want to achieve, like increasing website traffic by 25% in 6 months or gaining 500 new email subscribers. The more specific you are, the better they can develop a tailored strategy.

Provide access to resources

Give the freelancer access to anything they need to do their job, such as your website logins, social media accounts, email marketing software, etc. Trying to do digital marketing without these tools is like cooking without ingredients.

Have realistic deadlines

Understand that impactful digital marketing strategies take time. While freelancers will work to agreed upon deadlines, allow enough time for research, content creation, outreach, and analysis. Rushing campaigns often leads to poor results.

Be transparent about budget

Let the freelancer know exactly how much you can spend so they can develop an optimal plan within your budget. Surprising them with budget cuts mid-project undermines their efforts and ability to achieve your goals.

Give feedback and trust their expertise

While you should provide input and feedback, trust that the freelancer has the skills and experience to make the best recommendations for your needs. Micromanaging the process will likely lead to frustration on both sides.

Working closely with your digital marketing freelancer and following these tips will help maximize your investment and get the outcomes you want.


So there you have it. The inside scoop on what digital marketing freelancers wish their clients understood better. Remember, we’re real people too, with lives outside of work. Treat us with courtesy and respect, pay us on time, and value the expertise we bring to the table. When you find a freelancer you mesh with, do your best to build a long-term working relationship – we’ll bend over backwards for clients who appreciate us.

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