Many Indians like to invest in gold but one must know that a hallmark is the mandatory mark for gold jewellery and artefacts in India and it shows the purity of the gold you are buying. The authentic 6-digit mark helps the consumers to make an informed decision while purchasing gold jewellery or any artefacts. As per the Consumer Protection Act 1986, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs made this mark compulsory for gold jewellery in our country. The introduction of the Gold Hallmarking Scheme in 2000 and the Silver Hallmarking Scheme in year 2005 was done by the Bureau of Indian Standards.   

The 6-digit mark on the gold jewellery and artefacts is called a Hallmark Unique Identification number(HUID). This mark ensures the consumers that the item is fulfilling the purity standard and also indicates its quality. The procedure of achieving a hallmark on gold jewellery or artefacts includes several steps. We will let you know about each step in a proper way so it will be easier for you to understand the whole process of HUID Hallmarking Registration

What are the Benefits of gold hallmarking?

Hallmarking on gold indicates that the quality and purity of gold are fulfilled and adds a lot of value to that specific gold item too. It is a mark of conformity which indicates the purity of gold for the jeweller as well as for the consumers. Not only this, the HUID mark also acts as legal protection against any violation of the standards related to gold jewellery. 

It wins the trust of customers too because this assures the purity and quality of the product. This mark also increases sales as well as boosts the confidence of jeweller and enhance credibility. It is necessary that jewellers who apply for this hallmark license have to apply for HUID Hallmarking Registration from BIS. 

Which documents are required for the HUID Hallmarking Registration?

There are a few documents which are necessary for hallmark registration such as proof of company establishment, registration certificate issued by ROC(Registrar of Companies) and MoA(Memorandum of Association), CA Certificate (in case of proprietorship firm), Registered partnership deed, sales of lease deed agreement, address proof of the company, Rent agreement and rent receipts, income tax assessment order, registration certificate issued by a state government. Aadhar card and PAN card photocopy, driver’s license, and copy of a GST returns of the previous year. If the company is new then with the estimate of expected turnover and assurance to submit the GSTR. 

What is the process of HUID Hallmarking Registration? 

The process of HUID hallmarking involves a few steps and ensures that all documents are secured and collected in one place for further use. The initial step is to fill up the online application for the hallmarking of jewellery and then closely check all the details. After this, submit the application form with the required documents and then fill up the application charges. Later on, BIS officials will conduct an inspection. 

The verification and testing step involve three crucial steps which are – 

Homogeneity testing means testing every item which is given for the sampling and then the analysis is done by the officials that products fulfil the BIS sets of standards. 

Then Purity testing is considered the most difficult step because one of the items is chosen from many items for this test. Then preliminary test is been done and every detail of that item is examined to check out the gold purity and its quality. Whereas, in the third step Individual item marking the laser and print are used for the hallmarking procedure which depends on the results. If all the details are correct and fulfilling the requirements or sets of standards then BIS officials grant the hallmark Registration Certificate through mail. 

Depending on the business turnover the charges of registration fees vary whereas application fees are similar for all business turnovers up to 100 crore or above 100 crore. Registration fee for business turnover up to 5 crore is ₹7500 and for 5 crore to 25 crore business turnover registration fees is ₹15,000 whereas 25 crore to 100 crore business turnover include the registration fees of ₹40,000 and above 100 crore business turnover registration fees is ₹80,000. 

Many HUID Hallmarking Registration Consultants offer guidance and facilities to the company. The certification process also gets easier and faster for many owners in this field. By selling the hallmarked jewellery, retailers can grow their business and win the trust of consumers too. 

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