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So you’re looking to up your makeup game with an on-trend palette, but don’t know where to start. Rather than dropping a ton of cash on a huge palette with colors you may never use, focus on versatile basics in matte and shimmer finishes. Start with a neutral base, then add pops of color for extra drama. Keep reading for the makeup palette essentials that will take you from the office to date night with minimal fuss. Once you have these staples down, you can start experimenting with trendier shades. Before you know it, you’ll be a beauty guru in no time!

Choosing the Right Makeup Palette for Your Needs

Makeup Palette

Choosing a makeup palette that suits your needs and skill level is key. For beginners, a basic palette with natural, everyday shades is perfect to start. Look for one with mattes and satins in beige, brown, and peach tones. A small 6-9 color palette will do the trick without being overwhelming.

For events or nights out, a palette with bolder shades lets you create a more dramatic look. Rich jewel tones, shimmery metallics or smokey grays and blacks are ideal. A 12-15 color palette offers more options to blend and build depth.

If you want an all-in-one, versatile palette, choose one with a mix of both natural and bold shades in a range of finishes. A well-curated 12-24 color palette can achieve any look from day to night. Popular, mid-sized palettes like this are great for travel or if you prefer to stick with a single palette.

For pros or makeup mavens, a large palette with 30+ shades provides limitless possibilities. Vibrant pops of color, unique duochromes, and a full spectrum of neutrals give you everything you need for creative looks. However, the huge range of options may seem daunting if you’re not experienced.

Must-Have Eyeshadow Palette Shades for Every Look

Makeup Palette

Warm, Neutral Tones

These form the base for most eye makeup. Think beiges, tans and light browns. They brighten your eyes and provide a smooth base for other shades. Creme or matte finishes work well for this.

Transition Shades

Medium browns, grays and taupes help transition from your base shade to darker colors. They add subtle depth and contour to your eyes. Metallic or shimmery finishes enhance your look for evenings out.

Dark, Smoky Shades

Deep browns, charcoals and eggplants create drama and a smoky effect. Use a light hand to avoid looking overdone. Save these for nighttime or more glam looks.

Pops of Color

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color! Teals, emeralds and plums complement most eye colors. Use colorful shades on your lids, in the crease of your eyes or along your lash lines. Start with small amounts of color and build gradually.

With a well-rounded palette including warm neutrals, transitions shades, darks and colorful pops, you’ll have everything you need to take your look from day to night. Mix, match and blend shades to create a variety of stunning eye makeup styles for any occasion. Your perfect palette can make getting ready an art form!

Building Your Custom Makeup Palette

Makeup Palette

To build your perfect custom makeup palette, start with the basics. Focus on versatile, high-quality shades you’ll use frequently. You can always add more colors later!

Start with neutrals

Neutral, natural-looking shadows are the foundation of any palette. Look for matte shadows in beige, taupe, and medium brown. These provide subtle definition for daytime or a base for more dramatic looks. A few shimmers in pale gold or champagne will highlight and brighten your eyes.

Add accent colors

Branch out with a pop of color. A medium shade of plum, forest green or navy blue provides contrast for an evening out. For day, try soft washes of rose gold, copper or bronze. Think in trios: a light shade for brow bone, medium for lid and dark for crease.

Include liners

No palette is complete without liners. A dark brown or black pencil liner is a must for definition and cat eyes. For a softer look, try a gel liner in olive, navy or plum. A range of browns, from light to dark, will enhance and shape your brows.

Don’t forget tools!

Quality brushes make all the difference. Start with a fluffy domed brush for blending, a flat shader for packing on color, and a tapered crease brush for precise placement. A kabuki brush is ideal for blending and buffing to perfection.

With a well-curated collection of versatile, high-quality shades and the right tools, you’ll be creating custom looks in no time. Start building your perfect palette today and unleash your inner makeup artist!


So there you have it, the essential makeup palettes to build a solid collection. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the options and keep it simple. Start with a versatile neutral palette, a fun pop of color, and a palette for those smoky eye days. Build from there and you’ll have all the shades needed to create any look. Makeup should be fun and help enhance your natural beauty. Focus on palettes with high quality, blendable shades in formulas that work for your skin type. Keep practicing and don’t be afraid to experiment – you’ll be a pro in no time! Remember, the key to any great look starts with loving yourself. The rest is just makeup.

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